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JC-The Next Step.

After our street conversations and the recording of same on excell, we harvested the material for views, ideas and thoughts of our participants. with this in hand, we decided to leave our room of 1000 ideas and head over to the canteen in Civic building to snatc a quiet corner and drink some coffee.

Our task, along with the was to come up with 20 ideas

The quiet corner was an illusion or delusionary thought as the place was so noisy. If you could imagine hundreds and hundreds of bees all buzzing and multiply this by hundreds, you mightstart to get a sense of the noise. Never the less, we drank our coffee and started on our task, which proved very fruitful.

We looked at each idea, thought and view expressed and tried to identify how this would convert into a scalable idea/project. I found the ideas flowing quite easily from our conversations, for 16 of the ideas and then felt the flow slow down. Never the les we completed the 20 idea capture and never noticed the noise, which had died down sometime during our time drinking coffee.

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