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Is the Fruit & Veg market welcoming to the public?

Would you know you can go shopping here? If yes, would you feel welcomed?

“Open to the Public” is a slightly strange phase…it’s a bit like saying that it’s not actually meant for the public, but we’re going to let you come in if you want.

So just trip over the stray binding (remember those personal claims ads on the TV where a woman trips over one of these in her office?), squeeze through the half-open (half welcoming) door, past the warning all-the-things-you-shouldn’t-do signage, squeeze past the pallets in your way, then try and find the one or two spots inside that deal with members of the public.

Most (2/3rds?) of the general people (ie not traders) that we’ve spoken to around the Markets Area have asked to be able to use the markets as a place to buy small amounts of fruit, veg and ideally other items (such as fish or meat)…perhaps only a few simple things need fixing in order for them to feel that they can.

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