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Week 17 – Open Day in the Markets

To hear from the people of the City as effectively as possible, the team on Thursday and Friday, divided and conquered a Designing Dublin style Open Day! The team have been undertaking a site study of the Markets area to understand what is happening, where is there potential and who are key stakeholders. The next task was to engage with and listen to the people who use the area, live in it, work in it, pass through it or avoid it, to hear where their needs lie and what change they would love to see.

Over the two days, one team set up at the MACRO (Markets Area Community Resource Organisation) Centre to talk to residents and the groups and organisations who are active in the area. Another team explored the less community focused groups in the area, such as pubs, café’s and artist studios. We also had three nomad street stands who targeted different groupings through the day such as passers-through, law court workers, market traders and users, residents, school pupils and their parents and mass attendees. We gathered a multitude of perspectives in two days, and were taken aback at many points by the enthusiasm people had for engaging with us, groups frequently queuing to give their feedback and insights. To gain rich insights, the team asked open questions, such as “how would you describe the markets area to a friend?”, “what hopes do you have for the markets area?” and “what’s the best kept secret in the markets area?”. We are now working to distil this information into 100 ideas we heard from the Market’s area. If you missed us on Thursday and Friday and would like to provide your feedback, please email us at info@designingdublin.com. We love to hear all thoughts, perspectives and opinions!

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