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Week 16 – Ciarán’s book review

Our first official book review took place this Friday. Ciarán was first of the team members up, presenting his selection for the week – Man Watching: A Field Guide to Human Behaviour by Desmond Morris. A classic book on society and behaviours, he delves into the various gestures we use daily and explains their inferred meaning. Through our body movements, we subconsciously reveal our attitudes, desires and innermost feelings. Ciarán led us through the levels of actions Morris defines, from Inborn Actions, which are actions we do not have to learn, such as infants feeding to Absorbed Actions, which are actions we acquire unknowingly from our companions, such as winking. Also exploring gestures and signals, Morris explains these in great detail. Understanding people, empathy and reading signals to gain insights is a crucial element of our work in Designing Dublin, making Man Watching a wonderful start to our book club!

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