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Week 10 – Trail to the Coast


The Trail to the Coast project was born out of a process that was run with the KaosPilots back in Week 3. The project looks to connect Clongriffin with the surrounding wetlands and provide a link with the coastline.

This week the team went to Clongriffin to inspect the walk area. While we were there, we were grateful to have a DCC engineer call out and give us technical advice. However this highlighted the fact that the team, as it stood, lacked the appropriate knowledge. To fill this gap Rachel, an original member of the Trail to the Coast project, rejoined the team.

With Rachel back on board, we began designing prototypes. We went out to Clongriffin to inspect the walk area to help us design suitable prototypes. We were very grateful to have an engineer from Dublin City Council (DCC) give us technical advice. As a result of this there was a move between teams as we felt someone who was more knowledgeable about land and construction.

We continued working on the prototypes and designed activities for the following Saturdays as follows:

Saturday 14th: We are planning to set up a tent in the park and create a sea side party. It will be open from 1.00 to 4.00. When we meet people we will tell them about Designing Dublin and our project and invite them to join us on a group walk the following Saturday. We will give them bulbs with stickers announcing the walk the following week. We invite them to plant these bulbs during the walk on the 21st.

Despite our best made plans, it was too windy to put up the tent in Father Collins park. We made several efforts but in the end, we were forced to give up. Instead, we gave out Daffodil bulbs to people in Clongriffin. This way, we were able to get contact details from all the people who were interested.

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