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Week 16 – Visit from Paul Kearns

Paul Kearns, co-author of a provocative book about Dublin City, entitled Redrawing Dublin joined us in the studio today to discuss the project. Redrawing Dublin shares with its readers the personal journey, undertaken by Kearns, a senior planner in Dublin City Council and Motti Ruimy, with a background in fine art and architecture, as they ask questions of the City in an attempt to broaden the debate about Dublin and the importance of Cities in modern life.

Bringing together mapping, graphics, photography and statistics to illustrate thoughtful essays on how Dublin City works, doesn’t work and could work, they have amassed a goldmine of information about the City. Focusing on the qualities and potential of Dublin’s Inner City to provide city-living for its users, they question how the City is developed; “When you rail against the visibility of taller buildings, but are silent on the invisibility of poor-quality, high-density apartment design”. They mix these hard-hitting statements with more quirky assessments, such as the architecture of the urban brownie, which compares the price, weight and dimensions of various City Centre brownies; and guidelines for improving urban planning, such as The Ten Commandments of ‘Thou shalt not increase apartment size’.

Kearns and Ruimy have not just built a new language of intriguing and indicative terms, combined powerful imagery with insightful essays, they have begun questioning the City and as result questioning its citizens.
Why do we develop houses and apartment blocks as we do?
Why aren’t we addressing the inner-City issues?
Why are we as citizens of the City not demanding or creating change?
Let the debate begin!!

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