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Week 16 – Markets Area – site study

Last week, we decided on the Markets Area as our working area for engaging people, testing ideas and developing strategies and recommendations, to create long-term positive change. Why? Our research told us it was a hotbed of potential! We began the site study last week with Ronni Tino, our resident technology expert. He helped us to get our bearings in the area by observing and developing intuitive responses for the area.
The challenge this week was to conduct a site study of the Markets Area in order to better understand the area, its assets and its potentials. The following topics have been explored as part of the site study:

A. People
B. Movement
C. History
D. Community
E. Existing plans
F. Regulations
G. Built environment
H. Enterprise
I. Work, live and play
J. Informal use of the built environment
K. Sustainability

The team have been out for the week from early morning to late at night, exploring these topics individually. They have been meeting people, gaining contacts, photographing interactions, mapping building uses, conducting desk research and visiting libraries, bringing the information back to the studio and sharing it with the team. With our understanding of the area growing, we have begun to see potential designs, such as creating life in the alley-ways that will lead to the river and opening the markets between 4am and 9am, similar to Covent Gardens The quirkiest things we found out about the markets are also available to listen to in this short audio clip:

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