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JC-The Daisy market, 2

The Daisy Market was sited alongside the Dublin Corporation (DCC) Fruit and Veg market. It is no longer in existance, the site is closed off and basically a derilict site. There are formal and informal plans for its future.

This was an area on the North of the Liffey where second hand clothes were sold. You could pick up a good suit or dress and a family could be clothed for very little money.

It was next to Capel street/North King street/Bolton street/Parnell street, where a lot of clothing and sewing shops/factories were sited.

Clothing, as well as fruit/Vegatable and fish were part of the economy of the area.

Another side of this and other markets, was the illicit trading that went on, accepted by customers but constantly the bain of the local police. This would be the selling of Black market tickets to matches in Croke park (Gaelic football and Hurling) or Dalymount (Soccer). If caught, the scalper (Illicit traders) would be jailed and fined.

There is a humourous account of this activity captured by Cecil sheridan and Paddy Kenny in their Play/Sketch titled ‘The Daisy Market’. This would have been performed in the Olympia.

While this play is no longer in print, it is a testimony to its ability to capture real life and real people in Dublin, that it is still performed to this day in communities across the country. Copies of the script are passed around through contacts in both amateur and professional theatre.

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