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Developing questions

This Wednesday, Out Loud enjoyed its first meeting of the new year. As well as the die hard Out Loud volunteers (we salute you!) we were joined by some new faces, importing fresh energy into the project. After a quick round of introductions – where we shared our most mortal fears with each other – the Out Loud team were introduced to the evening’s theme – Questions.

Questions are central to how we work at Designing Dublin and we’d be nothing without them. There that evening to stimulate curiosity was Designing Dublin veterans Sarah and Luke; who both did a stunning job presenting examples of how they’d used questions during their time with Designing Dublin.

Once the guys had wrapped up, we unveiled the evening’s challenge – 50 QUESTIONS! The team were lead through a stiff and rigorous process of question generation. Questions needed to relate to either projects they were working on or project themes that were given to them that evening for the sake of the exercise. Running in 10 minute cycles, Out Louders were pressed to come up with as many questions as possible within 5 minutes; once those 5 minutes were up, questions were reviewed for another 5 minutes. And then we dived in again…

By the end of the evening, a starling amount of questions had been generated, which will help push individual projects forward and turn up the volume on Out Loud!

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