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JC-Ideas for the markets.

  1. An exhibition in the market
  2. a reading /production of the sketch/play-Daisy Market.
  3. Painting/Art workshop in the market-once off.
  4. Have a series of smiles painted on derilict buildings
  5. Request local people/business/organisations to create box pictures for exhibition
  6. A riding school, similiar to that in Tallaght. (Think of the Horse market in Smithfield and the history of horses in this area).
  7. Local band play in the market-once offs
  8. Bring back the daisy market for one weekend.
  9. Rent/Buylocal unit and rent out to starter businesses.
  10. Create a small childrens inner city animal farm.
  11. Junior garden/Plots
  12. A community to grow produce for sale in the market.
  13. Open Mary’s Abbey for a day/Weekend. Maybe turn it into a coffee bar.

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