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Ronnie Tino’s Visit

Ronnie Tino who works a lot with technology and urban spaces kindly came to visit us in Designing Dublin. Ronnie used to work as a bicycle courier in Copenhagen. He told us that working as a bicycle courier he started to notice more specific details about the city and subsequently was able to use the city as a friend or a tool.

I was very interested to learn about an environmental recording device Ronnie had been working on that gave real-time environmental data attached to a real-time GPS co-ordinate system. The idea being that the recording device would be strapped to a persons arm and recorded environmental data as they moved through the city about their daily business in the citys urban environment.

I was also very impressed with the live interactive billboard he showed us in the Netherlands that was used as part of an awareness campaign to inform the public of live street crime and antisocial behaviour. I thought this was a great idea to help to help promote a sense of civic duty which was been somehow lost. My only concern around this idea is that if a similiar system was used in Dublin City it could add further to the many peoples perception that the city is unsafe. I agree that there is an issue with safety in our city but I’m not sure if it is as bad as some people may think.

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