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Current Land Use

The landuse pattern above highlights the following

> The dominant land-use is for residential and warehousing. This appears to reflect the predominant historical (though apparently no longer current) pattern of the area since the 19th century- people living and working locally in the markets and associated trades or in the linen and sewing industries as reflected in the film ‘Bananas on the Breadboard’.

> Of note is the lack of retail  space, especially eateries,  in the area apart from on Capel Street though this has begun to creep westwards along Mary’s Abbey. Infact there are more pubs than eateries, surprise surprise!

> There is plenty of civic space in the area via churches, courts, playground and the MACRO community resource building on North King Street.

> There is significant surface carparking considering that most additional kerbside parking is not marked in.

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