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‘City Markets’

I noticed this poster on a Luas Stop yesterday. It was an art competition (I can’t see anything on their website to link to, sorry) and this was the winning entry.

Notice how the markets don’t feature – which I thought was surprising for such a colourful area of the city (the type of thing that would feature in an image like this)…they don’t really exist in the public’s perception of the city. I hope we can change that.

I’ve noticed that people often don’t know what to call the area, and describe is as “the markets beside Capel Street” or “just off Church Street” or “east of Smithfield”…it’s as though it doesn’t have an identity of its own. This report calls the area ‘City Markets’ which I like as a name…that’s what I’m going to call it from now on (unless I come across a better name later on).

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