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What ideas might work in the Markets Area?

We went back through our original ideas to see whether any of them might be of us to us in the Markets Area. I picked out these…

I chose these as I felt that they fitted under what people told us were the main challenges as to why they do not visit or live in Dublin City Centre (they arose in the below priority)…

  1. Ownership & Communication (eg how do I get my nearby park opened later in the evening…who’s in charge of that?)
  2. Environmental Reason (eg the noise of the city, the canals are dirty, not enough trees…etc)
  3. Moving About (paths are too narrow especially when it’s raining and people have umbrellas up, public transport connections are useless…etc)
  4. Safety & Street Hassles (gangs on the street, people begging while I’m at the ATM, people stopping me to donate to charity)
  5. Expense (“as soon as I go into town, I know it’s going to cost me money!”)
  6. (What we are calling) Added Value (Why don’t parks open later, why do galleries only open during hours when people are at work, could we have more late-night places?…etc)

    Specifically for the Markets area, I thought the below might also help with either the above themes or to raise its profile.

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