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Guest Speaker: Ronni Tino

Today we had a speaker come visit us called Ronni Tino. He gave the Designing Dublin team a presentation entitled “The power that technology can have on urban spaces and people….and the seamlessness that it can provide”. It was a very interesting presentation. Ronni knows lots about technology and he’s an expert on information technology. He defined information technology as anything that can store, disseminate and process information, for example gps, wifi, bluetooth, sensors, social media etc.

His presentation illustrated how technology can play an increasingly important role in communicating information to ever more people in the world. Some projects he was involved in include ‘Green Hands’ in 2007. This was a project that involved the boy scouts of Copenehagen where they used sms technology to show the public interesting scouting knowledge within a city. Another was ‘Copenhagen Layer’ in 2010. This project involved fitting bicycle couriers with sensors that recorded environmental information in the city of Copenhagen.

Ronnie showed us this amazing advertising campaign that was launched in the Netherlands to combat inactivity by passers by who witness street violence. I was very impressed…great music too. Check it out hereVideo Link

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