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The Markets – Movement

So now we are focusing in on our area, the markets area of Dublin City. We have broken it down into manageable themes so that we can get a true and full insight into this area we’ll be working in for the next 5 weeks.

Our broken down themes are:

People – Movement – History – Community Work – Plans – Regulations – Study of the built environment – Enterprise/retail – Work/Live/Play/Nature – Informal use of built environment

I took the theme of movement in the area. I’ll try and explain and explore this theme here. Have a look at my other team members to read about their theme and exploration.

  • Movement


Vehicles – Commercial / private


Public Transport


What I’d like to get an understanding of in the area is:

The natural lines of movement through the area

How people get to the area

The timetable of events in the area

What are the transport links to the area?

Where do people come from who arrive in the area?

From where and to where are people walking?

What links are there to the other markets in the area?

I want to explore the area under the concepts of

I’m passing through the area

I live here

I’ve gotta pick up something

I’m earning a living here

I’ve come to have fun

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