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Work with (and inspired by) Ronni Tino

On the 13th of January we had the pleasure of having Ronni Tino visit us at ‘Designing Dublin’. He spoke about the different ways in which technology can transform data into information. The London: Intelligent Cities project which he showed is a very development for all sorts of ‘project makers’ as it allows people to access previously unavailable data. I am sure Dublin will be following in Londons footsteps in the near future. We all enjoyed the Dutch augmented reality project which he presented. It reminded me of Dan Graham’s 1974 project entitled ‘Time Delay Room’.    I thought about how you are really effected by projects in which you, literally, see yourself.

We chose ten ‘post-its’ from out original 100 which we developed at the beginning of the project and tried to contextualise them within the market area. Some of the ideas which I choose to develop were quite simple to adapt to the area, other ideas took on a new life in the new context, others inspired new ideas. I really enjoyed thinking about already established ideas in a new context. Ordinarily, I would begin a research stage of a design project considering the context only and found it interesting to ideate at first stage.

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