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Book Club!

As you may have read on the main blog, this year Designing Dublin has instated its book club. Im really excited about this interesting way to share knowledge and interests among the team. Also going to be very exciting to have a dedicated little library of books to dip into.

The first book we looked at was “Redrawing Dublin” by Paul Kearns and Motti Ruimy.

Lindsay shared his insights from reading the book with us. A lot of very interesting imagery, such as whiting out all the cars in the Dublin Caste car park, or imagining what it would be like if there was green space in the derelict site near Smithfield Luas stop. Also some great interviews with people on their experiences living in Dublin, including Dick Gleeson, Mick Wallace and Bertie Ahern. It was felt what we could learn most from the book was using imagery to represent information in attractive and convincing ways. Also some useful maps of Census 2006 data helped us to visualize the city in new ways.

The second book for our book club was “Manwatching – A Field Guide to Human Behaviour” by Desmond Morris.

This book was published in 1978. Desmond Morris explores human behaviour and how our body language is very telling of what is going on internally. Actions, for example, are divided into categories such as ‘inborn actions’ (actions we dont have to learn), ‘discovered actions’ (actions we discover for ourselves), ‘absorbed actions’ (actions we unknowingly learn from others), and so on. He also identifies things like the twenty basic ways of moving from place to place. This book might help the Designing Dublin team in being more aware of looking at how people behave and interact, and perhaps in identifying body language clues when we are talking to people.

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