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A few weeks back  we had a magic person with us. His name is Ronnie Tino. What a name!

Aside from that, he also shared with us some valuable insights from his experience. He gave us a new viewpoint on the topic of technology ( technology could be any implement that is used for an activity – could be as simple a stick or a ball) and it’s uses. I am a bit of a sceptic when it comes to all the new technology that is in our lives today. While technology is meant to be enabling us to live better lives, I feel we may be misusing it.

Ronnie gave us examples of how technology can help groups and projects develop. One such example is this

Data is recorded. (it’s important to get good quality data)

Data is stored. (does it take a lot of space or is it almost invisible)

The data is converted(translated) into a use-able form. (0′s and 1′s are no good to me)

The new information is then presented through a user friendly system. (a good example of this may be facebook or a user face on a computer/phone)

I suppose the output/interface is set up in a way to allow the viewer to get an understanding of the information gathered by  the instruments.  In this instance I feel the most important thing is the basic data such as the environmental and climatic conditions and how it affects the tree. All the other output on the site is fluffed up which is grand.

After spending time listening to Ronnie I do see how technology can be used to raise awareness and allow people be more involved on a larger scale. There are many other examples out there to indicate this. One big example from history is the printing press. It opened up information to the masses and helped to completely shape the world. The same could be said for new farming methods way back. The new rechnology for storage of grains allowed farming to take off and thus helped to increaase the population because humans no longer needed to hunt for survival. They had a somewhat secure supply of food which freed up time for other activities – such as chess and kareoke.

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