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The next step of looking into the Markets Area was to  research it. The purpose of this research was to find out what is going on in the Area and who are the People , stakeholders  that we need to be linking in with. To help us to explore various themes were developed by the team to help us  look into the area they were:

  • People
  • Movement
  • History
  • Develoment  Plans
  • Community & Youth Work
  • Regulations
  • Study of the built environment
  • Enterprise/Retail
  • Nature
  • Gems
  • Informal use of buildings

The theme I choose to look into was Community & Youth  Work.  I was excited and curious to look into this theme as it is where my skills lie. To get me started I thought of the groups that I have worked with and supported during my time  in Community Development.  This helped me to focus and to develop a working method.

  Community Groups

  •  Environmental Groups
  • Resident Associations
  • Support Services
  • Youth Groups
  • Elderly
  • Theatre Groups
  • Intercultural Groups
  • Adult Education Scheme
  • Disability Interest Groups

 I wanted to find out what supports are in the area and if they are active. I decided to also look into Smithfield as part of the research,as community groups and youth organisations tend to take in more then one area e.g  BRADOG youth service moved from the MACRO Building to Dominick street but they still work in the area.  

After visiting the different places and people in the Area I broke them up into the following headings:


  •  Citizen Advice (Macro Building)
  • Tennage Suicide Prevention Network
  • Snug Councelling Services ( families of drug users)
  • Age Action Ireland
  • ECC European Consumer Centre (Macro Building)
  • Rough Sleeper Team- 119 Capel Chambers
  • Outhouse (LGBT) 105 Capel Street
  • Cappuchin Day Centre: Bow Lane 
  • Fr.Brian Parish Priest St.Michans
  • Sister. Peggy Aughrim Centre

Adult /Youth Education:

  •  North West Inner City Inner City Training & Developing Project
  • GDIL Adults wth Disabilities
  • Georges Hill Employment Community Scheme
  • Henrietta Adult & Community Education Services
  • The Corner Ladies Club
  • The Community ICT Project is an Information & Communication Technology Resource

  Group’s/ Organisations:

  •  Senior Citizens Project
  • North West Inner City Network
  • Bradog Regional Yoth Services
  • Outhouse
  • Community Forum

       Community Garda:

From talking to the Community  Garda Barry & Elaine  I discovered that the area is very active during the Summer months.Summer Projects would be active and other activities also take place over these months. Due to funding being cut community developemnt groups and projects that were very active are not anymore. There is  still a large religous infulence in the area in terms of supports and services .  

Other active groups/ initiatives include:

  • The Inner City Community Police Forum Committee
  • Street Wise Programme 
  • Senior Citizen Services meet yearly to discuss what is going on for them
  • The Community Garda are very active in the schools in the area and they go in often to diliver talks
  • Capel Street businesses meet every 2 months

Below is a  list of people  who maybe useful to us. I felt I gained a good sense of the area from the research I  carried out over the time we were given.


  •  Community Guard : Barry Ryan
  • JLO: Martin
  • Senior Community Officer 
  • Joan:  Smithfield Res Assocation (also Volunteer in MACRO Centre)
  • Trisha: Manager MACRO
  • Intergration Officer DCC
  • Councillor for the Area
  • Shane Crosan Manager BRADOG Youth Service
  • Markets Area Youth Worker
  • Grainne North West Innter City Network

I really enjoyed meeting new people and gaining a sense of what is in the area.  I am looking forward to headng into the next stage of exploration in terms of Community and Youth Work.

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