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Understanding Our Site In Terms of Nature & Movement

I looked at the markets area in terms of Nature & Movement. I looked at each category in terms of the following elements:


Transformation of the natural environment to the built environment


Transport & Logistics
Vehicles -private/commercial
Parking –private/commercial/legal/illegal
Movement for People with disabilities
Existing Entrances & Exists


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Here in Ormond Square Park I spotted a small bird in a tree. It was lovely to see this type of wildlife in the city which is qute a rarity. I found this park to contain the richest elements of nature in comparison to the rest of the Markets Area. I found nature to be lacking in many front gardens of peoples houses where the majority of gardens were paved in concrete and perhaps some houses had potted plants or hanging baskets.

Transport & Logistics

The Markets Area is a commercial entity enclosed by residential to the north, west and south with a mixture of commercial and residential landuse along Capel Street to the east. There is an area in the south-west with a primary legal function comprised of the Four Courts and the Bridewell Garda Station.
Considering this the area presents many challenges around commercial traffic travelling through residential areas. Challenges around road safety, noise, pollution and parking are just what spring to mind.

People with Disabilities

This image shows numerous cars illegally parked and mounting a kerb preventing people being able to use the foothpath. This shows that there is a lack of respect for people with disabilities. It is also indicative that there may be a blind eye turned to illegal parking in the Markets Area.

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