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The Markets – First Glance

So I went for a walk about our area of focus, the fruit & veg markets area.

We haven’t really decided the borders of our area, but roughly it is between North King St-The Liffey & Church St-Capel St. As I wander, depending on what I think about, outside this small area is also important.

I made the map above as I walked about as I tried to get an idea of the people and activities in the area.

Blue is where people live

Red is public retail activity

Orange is community activities (schools, churches, Gardí)

As a group we all went out and did this process, exploring and talking to people, always to get a feel of what is happening and noting potential challenges and links we could involve ourselves with.

We took lots of photos and tried to build up an understanding of the area, which we then presented to each other the next day.

The board I added to is below.

We then went back to our boards that had our ideas post-its on them from the first few weeks of the project and chose 10 that might work in this area.

We also listed some ideas that would incorporate technology into helping us prototype some ideas. This was kindly helped by Ronnie Tino our technology usage expert from Sweden.

My ideas

  • Have communities & individuals make a photo archive of the area
  • Involve the Gardí in playing safe games on the streets
  • Encourage animals in the city. Special animal walking areas, training centres
  • Roof over a street so we can enjoy our streets during the winter
  • Have people plot their common or regular routes around the city
  • Photo display at historic buildings, showing the building’s change through the years and its context on the street
  • Run films in parks across the city at the same time
  • Bring back barter and exchange system, to help those with no cash flow
  • Open licensing availability for games on streets as a business
  • Storyboard walks around the city. Digital signs that change, encouraging new routes by a series of boards
  • Create a markets museum
  • Improv musical at market stand

My Technology Ideas

Social media tool

Linking area amenities together – “People who liked here, also went here…”

Story telling through video diaries by locals


24hr sound scope

Recording sounds on the street, chitchat, old sounds gone

Bluetooth messaging in area

Stories & history of spot where transmitter is

Move transmitter every few days

Silent Disco

Using NearFM to transmit radio signal, dancers have personal radio

Forklift truck relay trials

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