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The Markets Area – Our focus now

So all this time we have been gathering insights, challenges and ideas from our own wee brains and the people we meet along the way (scheduled/street conversations etc).

We then have been trying to pick an area where we can test out and play (prototype) some of these ideas and attempt to address the challenges that people have mentioned.

Through some fun and crazy mapping techniques and talking with the Steering Committee (big wigs in Dublin City Council) we have settled on the area between Capel St – Church St/Smithfield and North Kings St – The Liffey.


And so for the past week we have been exploring our new world, to see what there is going on already and noting potential opportunities for us to get a bit designie and creative with what is there.

We only have about 5 weeks to do all this prototyping with the aim to test out new and clever ways to use an area for Living, Movement and Enterprise in your life. We will then document these, obviously having consulted with our areas population before and after, and then present these methods and tools to Dublin City Council to use in their everyday work.

That’s the plan anyway!

Lets see what happens!!!!

Here’s an example of who knew what you might find while wandering about the markets area. A man with a fuel pipe coming out a door, refueling his forklift. Now in fairness it makes total sense, cause you don’t see them driving down the road to the petrol station, but I never thought about it before! Who has the monopoly on the fuel prices?!

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