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Week 15 – Ronni Tino’s visit

Ronni ‘Technology’ Tino joined us for two days this week to help us better understand the potential of technology in relation to our working area. Ronni comes from the small island of Bornholm in Denmark and has worked with Innovation Lab and New Media Days in Copenhagen. He studied Digital Media and has been a bicycle courier in Copenhagen. He shared with us many stories but one in particular related to his courier career allowed us to see that couriering creates a unique addiction to the City. Using the City as an office desk results in an acute awareness of streets, linkages and developments. Ronni’s second passion is technology, which he defined as, “A tool that can be applied to anything”.

Ronni believes we have the obligation to transform data into something that is tangible, visual and expressive. He shared with us a number of his own projects, which illustrate this belief, such as Copenhagen Layer, where in the run up to Cop15, the climate change summit, he developed a prototype of a sensor to measure and map pollution levels on the streets of Copenhagen at different times of the day. This developed awareness among the residents of Copenhagen, giving them live-time information and making visible information that is otherwise invisible. Ronni also showed us a number of international examples – in Holland, another particularly effective example of technology and cities was a billboard campaign against aggression to public service workers. Passer-by’s found themselves involved in  augmented reality on a billboard, where an ambulance was being attacked. It asked the citizens to consider what actions they would take if they found themselves in this situation, click here to view. These examples, among others, began the team considering ways in which technology can be applied to address various issues or explore potentials in the Markets area of Dublin City Centre.

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