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Week 14 – Defining our working area

On Tuesday morning, we pitched our potential working areas to each other. Very surprisingly, there was much common ground between us all! We had each taken two days to explore our own methodology for selecting and assessing a working area in Dublin’s City Centre, which will become our focus in the New Year. Some of the team went by intuition, others walked different areas of the City, reviewed the areas and insights people had given us previously, gathered further secondary research, talked to citizens and key City stakeholders. With all of these approaches amassed, much overlap in their conclusions appeared, although no area jumped out at us as just perfect. There are four main areas of focus:

A. Stoneybatter
B. Capel Street
C. East of O’Connell Street
D. Pearse Street

These are the areas where the team felt there were both assets and deficiencies, and the potential to address the challenges we had heard from people in our Street and Scheduled Conversations. The area that we choose will provide the project with scope for both street level and systematic change, addressing serious and challenging City-wide issues. It could be an overlooked area, which can become a role model for the rest of the City, inspiring Dublin to follow its example. With these criteria in mind, we will break for the Christmas holidays and let the areas simmer in our minds, returning in January to finalise where in the City it is that we can effect the most change. If you think we have overlooked somewhere in the City, please let us know by emailing info@designingdublin.com.

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