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Week 10 – Grow Local

Cardboard model of our cardboard office

The working title of our project is Grow Local. The objectives of this project are to try uncover all of the hidden talent and potential that exists in Clongriffin. Today the Grow Local team worked on creating a prototype that will represent an enterprise unit.

The prototype we have designed will test the level of interest in an office share that features Hotdesking(communal work stations). The plan is to create a replica of an office using cardboard and locate it in an empty unit on the main street of  Clongriffin.

In order to capture this information — and make it visible for others — we have created a 3D map. This map will allow us to plot all of the skills, interests and services the area has to offer. The hope is that our cardboard installation will attract people into the space where we can invite them to make an addition to the asset map.

(Above is an image of a model which shows how the 3D map and cardboard office installation will be organised within the space.)

» Eilish

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