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Choosing an area to work in.

Designing Dublin are soon to decide on an area to work in. Our decision will come about through a combination of factors. One way is by using a system called GIS. This is a computer software that allows the user to display data spatially on a map….this is the most basic way I can explain GIS. For a more in-depth explanation click on the link.

With GIS we are mapping the challenges that were brought up in our street conversations and other public engagements. The idea is that when we map all of the issues that bring about the challenges we will be confronted with a type of ‘hotspot’ on a map of Dublin.

Other ways that will help us decide on an area is to go back to our research and review the information gathered from the people over the last few months, go out talk to more people and see what area they feel we should pick, go for a walk and explore the City and the challenges to get a fresh feel, and use intuition.

I’m happy to work in any area in the City Centre. I think we’ll be confronted with loads of issues no matter what area we choose. But, saying that, I do have some ‘personal favourites’.

Over the weekend I took a long look over a map of Dublin and figured that an area around Caple Street would be interesting to work in. I came to this conclusion through a combination of intuition and also by asking people what areas they thought needed more attention. When I asked people I noticed that the Market areas between Chancery Street and Mary’s Lane were brought up again and again. The Board walk was brought up, as was the area around Winetavern Street and Cook St. on the south side.

For this reason I chose Caple Street as the backbone of the area with a fuzzy line veering from left to right. This fuzzy line would include the three parks around Caple Street ( Green Street park and Handball court, Jervis Street public area, and Ormond Sq. Park). It would also include the river and the area around the Civic offices to Winetavern Street. I would include the Markets as an area to concentrate on also. The area I have chosen is equidistant from O’Connell St. and Smithfield. It is also interesting to note that Capel Street was formerly the main street of Dublin before O’Connell St. was built.

Below is a rough map of the area I have in mind.

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