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Choosing An Area to Focus On

Possible Areas To Focus On.

Pearse Street-Ringsend-Grand Canlal Dock (collaboration)
Stoney Batter
The Markets Area (connecting to Smithfield and Capel Street)
The Boardwalk
Stoney Batter-Oliver Bond-Bridgefoot Street (collaboration)

The Markets Area

Even before the project started I have been a strong advocate of exploring ways of linking Capel Street to the Markets Area which would inturn link to Smithfield. Considering this I ask myself the question, could this be too obvious a solution to look to? At the same time perhaps there is a lot to be said for the obvious. I am also aware that there are already plans to revitalise this area so I would keep this at the back of my mind.

Linking, connecting and integrating together our existing streets, squares, quarters and public spaces will help avoid certain spaces being isolated and each will benefit from the juxtaposition of connectivity and will produce synergies. We are all aware that Smithfield is an area which is quite isolated from the rest of the the city. Even though it is on the LUAS line, when you walk to it on foot from the centre of town the atmosphere you experience as a pedestrian is far from pleasant.

I think we should try and create attractive links to places like this that are isolated. These links should be aesthetically pleasing and function correctly where people feel safe and can enjoy all the qualities the city has to offer. Maybe we don’t actually need to do anything physical, for example the solution could be simply having street markets leading up to these areas of isolation. It is a fact that people feel safer when they have other people around them and this in turn leads to the development of positive spin off affects.

To finish I believe links between significant quarters and public spaces need to be given a lot more attention. This could take the form of creating zones of pedestrian priority and cycle lanes(physically separated) where design is focused on creating a link as pleasant as possible through appropriate streetscaping and lighting etc. creating a strong platform on which to build upon.

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