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To help us to identify an area in the City Centre. The team were given the task of building on the GIS information that we are collecting.  This task along with the GIS will provide us with a deeper understanding and awareness of choosing an area.

To build on this we had the choice of taking on one of the following  :

  • Go back to the research / look at the information gathered from the people
  • Go and talk to more people
  • Go for a walk and explore the City and the challenges
  • Go intuitive,(when you get that feeling  in the pit of your stomach,you know it is right)
  • Pick 3 areas and look at why these are the areas that need the most focus

We identified 7 different themes that embodied the challanges that were discovered from the street converstations, scheduled conversation’s and the exhibit we held in Filmbase on the 100 Hidden Gems. The information gathered from the people we spoke to has shaped how we identify our area.

I focused on theme one: Communication & Ownership the issues behind this theme included:

  • Do people trust each other and have pride in the city?
  • How is ownership shown in the city?
  • How can laws and regulations be more effective and efficient in the city?,
  • Where do communities meet and share?
  • Where can teenagers go in the city?

I choose to go for a walk to get a deeper feeling and visual sense of different areas in the City. I went walking with Ciaran and Micheal and it proved to be very valuable, as we had discussions around what we were looking for and we saw the potential of the different Areas that we walked around. Some of the areas we explored included:

  • Smithfield, Manner Street, Stoneybatter, Pearse Street and surrounding areas, The Docklands (taking in the  new old areas).
  • The boardwalk  is also an interest and it has been mentioned on numerous ocassions as an issue, particularly around safety for the people in the City. It Would be great to do so something on it e.g. A Boardwalk Market.

I utilised my knowledge and passion of Community Development & Youth Work during this task. I found I was naturally drawn to areas that have a lot of social issues and  would be labeled as disadvantaged /challanged. I can see the potential in working from a Community Development approach which would address some of the issues that have been discovered. I would also be interested in exploring ways to engage with  service providers in different areas of the city and work with them to develop dialogue e.g.  Linking two youth projects together in the city to work on an  identified issue. I understand that using  this apporach would only address some of the issues and that other means of engagment /processes can be used to address other themes we identifed such as envorinment, movement,safety.

We each presented our method of exploration, findings and thoughts to the wider group. It was really interesting to hear the different ways that the others in the team explored the city and the conculsions that they came to on the area’s that they felt we could work in. My own thoughts are that we have 3 months to work in an area in the City and it is vital that we choose an area in which we can effect change.  I have chosen to remain open minded in the selection of the area as I feel there is potential in many areas.

Windmill Lane:

Docklands Area: Places like these could have poetinal for usage:

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