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“If I could just park that one there for a moment”?

“If I could just park that one there for a moment”? A phrase sometimes used when one wishes to move from one topic of conversation to another without wanting to appear rude. However in this situation the phrase has been taken a step further whereby two No Parking signs have been parked/dumped for the foreseable future into one of our citys greatest assets, some may even consider it a jem in its self, the Grand Canal.

For me this image evokes symbolism of disposal and abandonment to something that is unwanted. However the more I think about it I am drawn to ponder on some of the realities our city faces on issues like car parking and our overall attitude towards all issues surrounding transport.

What we are seeing in this photograph could well be the result of late night drunken antics but to me it makes me step back and think a little bit more about how we would like our city to be.
If we want to reduce the number of cars in the city we first of all need to set the wheels in motion for a much stronger more integrated more cohesive public transport system. No easy task but one truely worth striving for! For me the concept of putting the cart before the horse just does not make sense. If we want to stop cars parking in the city there needs to be an feasible alternative. Of course we have to try to change the publics behaviour of over reliance on the motor vehicle but at the end of the day I believe it is all about achieving the right balance.

Who would have thought that there could be inspiration drawn from such destructive behaviour?

picture taken along the Grand Canal near Warrington Place.

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