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New signposts around Dublin City!

While I’m glad to see the new sign posts beginning (very slowly) to appear around the city it would be nice to see this happen only after all the surplus poles have been taken down.

There are so many poles now that there’s an element of street clutter. I’m not alone in thinking this. Theres a really good forum on Archiseek (click on the link) that references loads of poles all around the city. It’s really amazing just how many there are and it only becomes evident when you see them all documented in one place. The forum also highlighted another issue that I have… the problem of private companied cluttering the streets with their own signs.

And a good question is raised in the archiseek forum too,
What if we got rid of all parking signs and simply used a double yellow line as indicating no parking here ever. And then, rather than have five million poles in the city, simply have the parking details: zone, time restrictions, day restrictions etc, marked on all of the nearby cash parking machines ?’ ………Sounds like a good idea to me.

Below is an example of some exuberant signposting!…

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