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Redrawing Dublin – Paul Kearns & Motti Ruimy

Thanks to the City manager John Tierney, we discovered the book Redrawing Dublin by Paul Kearns (senior planner in Dublin City Council) and Motti Ruimy (Dublin based architect).

We are in the middle of discovering and deciding a prototype area to work within in the city centre, and excitedly I picked up this book to see what insights the authors might have gained, that could then also assist us in our pursuit of honing in on an area for us to play and experience with for the next 3 months.

I found the book on the surface level to be a great exploration of Dublin, from toying with the ideas of psychological barriers we construct about certain areas of the city for example the liffey for northside and southside, or past Smithfield heading out of town as the “edge of the city centre”, to thinking about our route through the city.

They look at mapping the city, they talk to (a few) people of Dublin, workers and users. They look at building usage and potentials.

One of the great bits of work they have done is using simple mock photos, showing how certain places could look if some changes were made to derelict sites for the likes of Church St, Bridgefoot St and the Digital Hub.

The difficulties for us with this book is that a lot of the data isn’t referenced, which also brings us to wonder where and on what are their ideas and statements based on.

They throw in a lot of terms, some of their own too I think, Street DNA, Adopted Dubliners, Metroland, Gentrivilification, Exurbs and Spar trekking.

This all adds to a lot of randomness in the book, but it is a great new way of presenting an exploration of our City, much like we are trying to do ourselves.

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