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Week 10 – Understanding project relationships

With the five projects – Grow Local, Hothouse, Communication Exchange, Path to the Coast and PlayVision growing, going deeper and becoming more and more self-sustaining by the day, we decided to take some time to understand how the five projects all related to each other. This will help us see what we are working towards as a group, the relationship between each project and how they can assist each other in the final weeks. There is a common thread between all of the projects, however identifying and naming it proved trickier than the team would have expected! Vannesa asked each of us to draw ‘What we understand the relationship between the projects to be?’ It was surprising to see the difference in perspectives. We have all been so focused on the project we are working on, it feels very hard to step away from it and be able to see clearly and understand the five projects as a whole.

After much brain crunching and both subtle and not-so-subtle pointers from Vannesa, we realised the relationships were much closer and more reliant on one another than we had previously recognised. With Hothouse, Grow Local and Path to the Coast the three long-term projects, given the levels of project champions they had each received, Communication Exchange is facilitating these three projects to meet the community and gain further project champions, PlayVision is a means of the community expressing themselves, which is key to growing a culture of self-expression and in turn will build towards the three main projects.

With these relationships clear in our minds, we can now move forward with a greater depth and synthesis of understanding of all the projects, and working positively as a team to produce the best outcomes for Clongriffin.

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