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Week 13 – Searching for our working area

This week the team have been getting to grips with GIS and the possibilities of mapping under the tutelage of Adrianne, our resident GIS expert. As a starting point, the team went back to the material gathered during the Scheduled and Street Conversations, and pulled out the challenges people had experienced in the City Centre. With a list of over 200 challenges amassed from these conversations, the team went on to create 40 key questions for the City. An example – Is there noise in the City? From each key question, they then identified a number of items to map (related to the question) such as EPA noise levels, noise traffic patterns, etc. Each item will be mapped as a layer on our City Centre map. Our hope is that the mass of overlaid information will provide us with a ‘hotspot working area’.

In contrast to the data based method, the team are also mapping potential working areas in a softer way. Based on a range of methods including asking people on the street, walking areas of the City to get an intuitive sense, talking to experts in key areas and gathering statistical information, we are each drawing conclusions as to which area in the City we could effect the most change in. We are fascinated to find out which areas emerge from both methods and are curious to see where we will begin working in the New Year!

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