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Now that we have met and engaged with many many City lovers and Stakeholders through street engagement and scheduled conversations, the next task is for the Team to pick an area of focus in the City to work in.

The task here is to try to make sense of the complex and varied information on challenges that we have been presented with, and use it to select an area to work in where we could have most impact. One possible way we will do this is through a mapping tool called GIS (geographical information systems). We will attempt to map a series of challenges and then overlay them to identify an area in the City which needs more Love!

We have been tackling this problem in studio with, you guessed it, post-its. First we tried to distill all our engagements into challenges which were written on post-its. All of these were put together on boards, and then matched together under broad categories. We came up with categories of challenge and tried to identify the rough order of importance, based on how often people mentioned them. Communication and ownership, environment, moving around were some of these categories.

Now for the tough bit.. each mini group of post-its which had been brought together as representing the same issue was distilled into an overarching question which (hopefully) got to the core of the issue. Following this we brainstormed about what map layers would best show these challenges.

This work continues with the help of our GIS specialist, to make the map layers come into actuality in an effort to identify our Love the City working area!

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