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Mapping up-date :)


We are now getting deeper into the mapping process. The next step is to in-put the data gathered on the challanges identified into the GIS system a lot of this has been done by the great Adrienne. Another element of the mapping  involves the team doing some of the below:

  • Go back to the research / look at the information gathered from the people
  • Go and talk to more people
  • Go for a walk and explore the City and the challenges
  • Go intuitive,(when you get that feeling  in the pit of your stomach,you know it is right)
  • Pick 3 areas and look at why these are the Areas that need the most focus

 This  along with the GIS information will  help us to identify our area. It will be interesting to see how the two mix. 

 We also did a presentation yeasterday for the Pivot Team they are working on different elements of the World Desgin Capital 2014 The presentation went really well and we recieved positive feedback from them. It was really warming to hear the positive feedback coming from such well established and experianced people in the field of Design. The feedback that I gathered was:

  • Not to get too mixed up in the Mapping System and to concentrate on the richness that was gathered from the people on the street.
  • Mixing the Visual with the Mapping.
  • It is like you are Carving out a message to the city with a stone and chisel.
  • Develop insight into the challanges , look at where you can effect the most change.  
  • Useul for mapping peoples contribution to projects in the city.
  • It does not have to focus on one area, we could pick one challange that we focus on across a range of areas if this is the common issue. Mix and match do not be too stuck .
  • The people are most important. (yes,yes,yes)

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