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The Exhibition

So, what have we been up to since I last posted on the Scheduled Conversation?  My blogging may not make it apparent, but there has been loads going on. Too much to keep up with in fact.

So, our exhibition, 100 exciting things you did not know about Dublin, was held in Filmbase from 17th Nov –  20th Nov. Getting everything ready involved a big effort from the Team… One of my favourite tasks from the project so far was designing the feedback sheets which we would hand to the general public. Drawing on our prior experience with Chat Couch engagement, we carefully came up with three questions that would help us to get the information we were looking for. The questions were: “What amazing things in the city have we missed, that are special to you?” “How has the exhibition shaped your view of the city?” “What area in the city centre do you think needs more love and why?”. The aim was for us to gather more Dublin gems, check our effectiveness, and get opinions on where we could work in the City. We collected over 150 feedback sheets with loads of interesting and encouraging feedback.

“Found some real gems that I’m definitely going to check out – love the monkeys playing pool!”

“It’s made it seem a bit more exciting. Very helpful for finding alternative things.”

“I found out about a few places I’d love to go and see.”

“Made me love it even more and realise there is lots I haven’t seen.”

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