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Steering Group Presentation

We presented to the “Steering Group” last week. They are kind of our parents, the big chiefs in the DCC along with Jean Byrne and Jim Dunne from Design21c. We explained everything that we have been at over the last 2 months to them. Twas fun, if maybe a little scary!

From talking to people on the street; our City exhibition in Film Base, Temple bar on the 100 Exciting Things You Didn’t Know In The City exhibition; our scheduled conversations with stakeholders in the city and the start of our current mapping process, they seemed highly interested in all our work that we have done, especially with our new ways of talking and engaging with the public and stakeholders in the city.

It was a great experience telling all that we have been working at to this level of management in Dublin City Council. Slightly scary when I was the one who was leading the presentation and handling questions and feedback, but they were so interested and engaged that I feel it has given us great closure on the first part of our project before Christmas.

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