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Week 12 – An inspiring visit from Ré Dubhthaigh

As the team moves towards defining a working area in Dublin City, we asked Ré Dubhthaigh to join us and share his wealth of experience, both in working with people, making sense of the complex issues faced by the City and delivering practical solutions. With a background in graphic design and interaction design, he began Radarstation as a commercially focused design innovation company, working with multinationals such as Sony, as well as many SME’s and Universities.

In recent years, his focus has shifted towards reform within the public sector. Ré shared a number of collaborative projects, such as supporting families in chronic crises, with Participle and Swindon City Council and understanding the lives of vulnerable children and young people, with Buckinghamshire County Council, as well as work with the British Design Council. Ré discussed his experiences on these projects, personal learning’s and shared sage advice with the team members. He described the value of design as a vehicle for making things tangible, emphasizing the importance of listening, facilitating purposeful conversations, challenging your assumptions and most importantly being human. Ré’s philosophy is – by effecting change for the individual, you will effect change for the system.

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