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Week 12 – Mapping begins!

With the exhibition of 100 exciting things you didn’t know about the City Centre under our belts, the team are now turning their sights to the next phase – improve the destination experience. As a first step, we will define the specific area within the City Centre (our area will be somewhere between the canals, Docklands and Heuston Station) where we will be working to develop 10 ideas, 10 designs and 10 prototypes, with and for the people of this area. The mapping tool developed during the Discovery Phase (which you can find in Stage 8 – Mapping City, in the Love the City book) will help us to define our area. The tool is based on the concept that by mapping the many assets (positive elements of the city, such as parks) and deficiencies (negative elements of the City, such as crime) using a GIS system and asking the right types of questions, we will be able to highlight an area where we can effect the most change. We’ll use the challenges found during the Scheduled and Street Conversations and Test Processes to begin this project stage.

To help us get to grips with mapping and geographical information systems (GIS), we were lucky enough to be joined by Ireland’s top GIS expert, Adrienne Eacrett, on Wednesday morning. Adrienne brought to light the potential of GIS to link information with points, lines and areas on a map. All of this information can subsequently be queried and manipulated to provide insights, such as comparing graffiti and security cameras or illustrating the gradient of public bin usage in the City. This mapping tool, her knowledge and the flexibility of GIS to analyse, crosscheck and present information will be invaluable as we turn the challenges we heard into map-able layers in order to find our project area.

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