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Unorthodox Play in the City

Passed by two people the other day (mid to late 20′s) skating down the side of Stephen’s Green. They had come prepared (judging by the small cones which they were weaving in and out of), but it struck me that it was ‘unorthodox play’…by that I mean, I wouldn’t have been surprised if a Guard had moved them on…it wasn’t an ‘official’ play space such as the neighbouring park or a playground.

However it felt good to me (brightened my evening), felt respectful to the City (they weren’t damaging the City’s infrastructure or annoying the people using it), and it actually made the City better (for eg that area was that little bit safer as there were then more people actively using it).

How can we encourage the City to accept this type of ‘grey behaviour’ (the expression that City Planner, Dick Gleeson used – see my earlier post), which can be very beneficial?

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