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Week 9 – Working towards Innovation Dublin

When the Scheduled Conversations wrapped up, reflections gathered and feedback received, the team’s focus turned towards the next great challenge – Innovation Dublin! Ambitious plans have been laid and we are now working towards a magnetic and intriguing outcome; ‘100 exciting things you didn’t know about the City Centre’. We will be creating a cardboard wonderland for the exhibition and unveiling pictures of the people we talked to in street conversations.

Our studio is buzzing with activity! The team are busy sifting through thousands of street conversations, pulling out the exciting things in the City that the people of Dublin shared with us. With common themes emerging, the list of exciting things is growing and growing. To convey the importance of each exciting thing, stories of who told us this, why it’s important and relevant to them and why it’s important to the City are being added to give it greater relevance and vibrancy. These exciting things and their stories are the core of the exhibition ‘100 exciting things you did not know about the City Centre’. As they are coming together, we are beginning to see the amazing diversity of things we had collected. It’s unusual, it’s gritty and it’s honest.

Meanwhile, we have invited a number of talented young design graduates and students to bring their knowledge and expertise to particular aspects of the exhibition. For our cardboard wonderland we must have cardboard furniture! Four wonderful recent Architecture graduates have been tasked with creating these pieces. Naming themselves the ‘Cardboard Collective’, over four days they are working furiously at designing and building a number of pieces of cardboard furniture using strictly only cardboard and their ingenious design solutions. A cardboard chandelier is being rumoured, so call down to FIlmbase to see how they get along!

Photographing the 100 exciting things is the next challenge. Over the weekend, we will be pulling in a number of talented young photographers, from the professional to the fashion blogger to the talented hobbyist. They each have one day, a series of sites, places or moments to photograph, and armed with their camera’s they will undertake a journey around the City to capture the essence of each ‘exciting thing’. We can’t wait to see the images they will produce!

The mammoth size of the task is revealing itself as we near the opening day but all of the elements of the exhibition are coming together. Make sure to call down to Filmbase on Wednesday and Thursday next week, from 10am to 7pm to see the ‘100 exciting things you didn’t know about the City Centre’!

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