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Week 9 – Scheduled conversations

Tuesday and Wednesday were exciting days for the team as they ran their Scheduled Conversation processes. These days were filled with experiences, perspectives and insights! The Scheduled Conversations brought together key stakeholders around a certain theme, and engaged them in conversation to draw out key City Centre insights and challenges for the project, as it moves forward. The four scheduled conversation were:

1. These are the people who exchange their products in the City – Lead by Mary and Ciarán, this process brought together entrepreneurs, business leaders, innovators, charities and politicians to discuss the difficulties in exchanging products of all types in the City. See Mary and Ciarán’s blog for further information.

2. These are the people who move us through the City – Lead by Linnea and John, this process featured planners, transport authorities, architects, signage designers, waterways and cycling promoters, advocates of disabled users, entrepreneurs and Dublin City Council cycling and traffic officers. The discussions brought to light underused resources in the City, the hierarchy of road users in the City and the reality of movement in Dublin. See Linnea and John’s blog for further information.

3. These are the people who live in the City Centre – Lead my Micheál and Una, this process focused on discussing issues people encounter in living in Dublin City, with insights from residents of the City, Dublin City Council community officers, politicians, community workers, and the marketing director of Dublin Docklands. See Micheál and Una’s blog for further information.

4. These are the people who start up new things in the City – Lead by Vincent and Nuala, this brought the focus on design, entrepreneurship and barriers to start-up new things in the City. Attended by artists who are making use of empty retail spaces, the founder of the Soul Festival in Dublin, curators, the CEO of the Digital Hub and a development executive from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, the afternoon was both informative and collaborative. See Vincent and Nuala’s blog for further information.

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