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Week 10 – Love the City | Out Loud during Innovation Dublin

Love the City | Out Loud volunteers presented 4 projects as part of the exhibition during Innovation Dublin. Each of the projects represented people in the city that are active, dedicated, creative and want to make their city a better place to live. Each of the projects were presented to the public as a prototype in order to engage people in conversation. The aim of this method being to gather feedback through direct interaction, and to push their ideas further through testing and reiteration. Love the City exhibition. Filmbase, Dublin 17-20th November 2010:

Urban swing – An installation of swings in unexpected places around the city. Designed to bring a smile to your wanderings.

Interactive noticeboard – A 3-dimensional noticeboard that moves around the City Centre to connect people and places.

Smart meter – Can we lend electrical meters through the libraries to help people understand how their habits affect their electrical consumption?

Graduate plug – A network to connect graduates with SME’s, sole traders and startups.

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