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People Who Move Us Through the City

As part of our engagements to find out more about the City and how it works, we lead some processes with key stakeholders. The theme of the process which John and I lead was “people who move us through the city”. The people who were sitting at the table I lead in conversation were:

Ciaran Fallon – DCC bike officer

Henk Vandercamp – Irish Planning Institute

Eoin Farrel – National Transport Authority

Philip O Donoghue – Dublin2Walk

A very interesting and impassioned discussion at the table, with each participant proposing a question which was then discussed by the group for ten minutes. The initial five minutes was spent talking about what movement means, where we came up with the idea that ‘moving is land use’. We also talked about who is the priority in terms of movement in the city.

The four questions discussed were as follows: Who can lead the change needed – is it a technical or a political question? Why is north-south the predominant axis of movement and how can we promote east-west? Where do we most effectively integrate movement and land use? How can we facilitate movement but create a harmonious atmosphere in the city?

Ideas around balance, civic engagement, street clutter, the environment and how many cars is a comfortable number were some of the key discussion points.

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