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JC-Pictures Tn The Doorway.

A book worth reading by Sean O’Casey, Pictures in a Hallway.

Some of our images are in a doorway as part of an installation by Design Dublin, showing at Film-Base in Temple bar.
We spent a lot of hours putting this in place but i feel it was worth it.
There are foto’s of Dubliners-Oul Skins-Trendies-Young-Old and inbetween-pictured in doorways as we carried out our street conversations.
Of course! there are some foto’s in other locations like the Ha’Penny bridge, O’Connell st etc.
Our box installation is very powerful with 100 very stronge images (This is separate from our pictures in the doorway) of Dublin and its people.
The erratic shape of the construction, mirrors the lack of co-ordination, the separation that is our life, yet it also shows how our lives are linked in a city, our dependance and how fragile this can be. We touch each other as we go about our daily lives, yet we are unaware of, nor seem to care about other peoples problems, joys, worries, happiness, touch the boxes and over they go.
This is the city, our lives and our installation.

Dublin-A City defined by it’s chaos.

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