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Week 8 – Visit from Me and Him and You

We had the pleasure of being joined by Peter and Ronan from Me and Him and You today. They were invited in to inspire the group with insights from their recent Laneway project, which featured in the Fringe Festival. The Laneway project, based in an alleyway between The George and Dublin Castle, otherwise known as ‘good looking alley’ was a prototype for creating a sense of community in an otherwise transient space. Both Peter and Ronan have a background in graphic design and similar to Designing Dublin, believe in the value of applying design methodologies and thinking to problems. In their design process, they were conscious of being sensitive to the space and it’s community, talking to the businesses and giving out surveys to passer-bys to find out what changes they would like to see. This research formed the basis for their design, which revealed to them the curiosity of Irish people, the hidden gems of the City and the comradory that exists between Dubliners. Thank you, Peter and Ronan!
Me and Him and You: www.meandhimandyou.com

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