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Street Conversations – Multicultural Area

In trying to fill the gaps in our processes of other groups of people we may have missed during our other two street conversation processes we headed for Capel St and Parnell St to hopefully talk to a few of the foreign nationals who run those shops.

The plan of the process was just to walk into the shops and businesses and ask if we could talk to a staff member for a few minutes. Obvious limitations we expected were that people might be busy with customers and that there might be a language barrier.

It actually went very well, although we only talked to a few people. We found it hard to motivate ourselves to go into shops and take people from their work to talk to us. Future plan would be to setup a public space to hold a process to talk to foreigners in the area.

We found that the people we talked to had a totally different view of the city then we found before, due to their religious and cultural needs and interests and so we feel we definitely need to tap into this information.

In the above photo Mia-Manan Hameed of the Madina Group gave us some great insights into Sufi culture in Dublin and told us about their mosque on Talbot St.

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