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Week 6 – Steering Group Presentation

Today, the steering group came in for the first time, to review the work of the Love the City team to date, and provide advice as the project moves forward. Stepping back and reviewing the work completed in the previous six weeks brought to light the lightening pace at which the team are running! The steering group, made up of key project stakeholders both in the City Council and Design TwentyFirst Century, gave the team feedback on their work to date. They remarked on the legibility of the work, it’s open nature and pushed us to ensure all demographics and viewpoints on the City are considered.

After presenting the work to date, the team ran a process, dividing the steering group in two, to gain further guidance and knowledge for the work moving forward. One group filled gaps in the ‘These are the people who….’ groupings, adding key stakeholders and sharing their perspective on the City. The second group gave guidance to the team working on ‘Ten easy ways to engage people in conversation’ and challenged them to really consider what the desired outcomes were. It was a very productive morning, with both the team and the Steering group challenging one another to get the most for the Love the City project.

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