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Week 6 – Working towards One Million Urban Offerings

We have begun the mammoth task of collecting one millions urban offerings! The team have split into two, focusing on engaging with selected groupings of key stakeholders and holding a wider public conversation. The ‘These are the people who…’ team developed a series of carefully curated groups of people relating to key issues in the City Centre, such as ‘These are the people who exchange products in the City’ and ‘These are the people who move us through the City’, using earlier work done on stakeholders. The second team are designing ‘Ten easy ways to engage people in conversation’, focusing on talking to 100 to 200 people who spend their time in the City or outside the City. They are using all of the knowledge they gained in their test processes to develop unique and exciting processes!

We’re curious to find out the love that people have for the City, if they come into the City and if not, why don’t they? These conversations will lead us to ‘100 Exciting things you did not know about Dublin’, which will form the platform for one million urban offerings. This work will be exhibited at the upcoming Innovation Dublin on November 17th and 18th. The location will be announced soon!

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